Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Alekhine's Game in His Words - Against Sicilian Defence

When it is a matter of calculation even some strong grandmaster's says ' He can count because he was Alekhine' these words describes the Alekhine.

The inspirational games of Alekander Alekhine, my first chess hero, find a place alongside the inspirational character of Winston Churchill, whose words and books I still turn to regularly. - Kasparov

Alekhine is dear to the chess world, mainly as an artist. Typical of him are deep plans, far-sighted calculation and inexhaustible imagination.  - Botvinnik

Alekhine is a player I've never really understood. He always wanted a superior centre; he manoeuvred his pieces toward the kingside, and around the 25th move, began to mate his opponent. He disliked exchanges, preferring to play with many pieces on the board. His play was fantastically complicated, more so than any player before or since. - Bobby Fischer

Lets explore Alekhine game in his words as no one other can better explained it.

Are you interested in Alekhine's games in his words in order to enhance your chess ? Here is his book in Algebraic Notation

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