Friday, 29 March 2013

Candidates 2013, Dramatic Turn - Kramnik moved First

As tournament is in the last stage, The first swindle of the tournament we have seen today where Kramnik won against Aronian and Carlsen lost to Ivanchuk. Svidler and Ivanchuk both together changed the whole calculation of the tournament in last 2 round where Svilder defeated Aronian yesterday and everyone shocked with Ivanchuk. Vishy might like today's results ;)

Standing after 12 rounds

Vladimir Kramnik - 8
Magnus Carlsen - 7.5
Levon Aronian - 6.5
Peter Svidler - 6
Alexander Grischuk - 5.5
Boris Gelfand - 5.5
Vassily Ivanchuk - 5
Teimour Radjabov - 4

Here are the today's game. You can select your favourite game from drop-down menu.

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