Monday, 11 March 2013

End Game Study : Pawn Race

Until today we have gone through King and pawn endgame with following studies

Today we will cover some special cases where there is a race between pawns which can be divided into three categories.

1. Either side queens first
This is quite simple as whoever queens first will capture the opposite side pawn and win relatively simply but theoretically bishop and rook pawn on 7th rank is draw subject to weaker side is supporting his pawn with (with few exceptions) which we will cover in coming endgame study sessions. Following diagram clears my point.

Position is simple white wins with
1.... g7 
2. e3 - g8=Q
3. e2 and went on win as this is not rook pawn or bishop pawn so no stalemate trick will work !

But sometimes stronger side need to be careful as he need to control queening square in time ; following example explains the same.
In the give position with black to move ;black can win the game by
1... h5 2. Kg6 h4 3. Kf6 (3. Kf5 - h3, 4. Ke6 - h2, 5.f2 - h1=Q, 6. Qh3 is winning queen) Kb8 4. Ke5 h3 5. Kd6 Kc8

But if 5..... a6 ?? would be blunder white can easily by playing Kd7 so remember sometimes it is necessary to control queening square before making queen.

2. Either side queens with check
Quite easy by check it prevents opposite site to make queen but it requires special attention to the maneuver which forces weaker side to move on inferior square.

Carefully evaluate the following maneuver by which white forces black king to move to the inferior square.
1. Kf2 Kh2 (1... g5 2. Kg3) 2. Kf3 Kh3 3. Kf4 Kh4 4. b4 g5+ 5. Ke3 g4 6. b5 g3
7. b6 g2 8. Kf2 Kh3 9. b7 Kh2 10. b8=Q+ and white wins.

3. Both side queen but either side can force mate or win the queen
It is possible when stronger side king is coordinating with his queen perfectly lets check it with below example.

In the given example with white to move white can forces black's mate or wins queen with following maneuver.

1. Ke4 Ke2 2. Kd4 Kd2 3. Kc4 Kc2 4. f5 (4. Kb5 Kb3 5. Kxa5 Kc4) 4... a4 5. f6
a3 6. f7 a2 7. f8=Q a1=Q 8. Qf2+ Kc1 9. Qe1+ Kb2 10. Qd2+ Kb1 11. Kb3 1-0

You can create one more category where stronger side captures pawn but then it will be transposes to the our earlier studies of Key SquareOpposition and Rule of square.

Test Positions :

Position 1 : White to Move

Position 2 : White to Move

Position 3 : White to Move

Solution will be published in next endgame study section.

Solution for the test positions of triangulation with king (7th March 2013)

If you would like to retrieve last endgame study puzzles Click here.

Position 1
1. Kc5 Kb7 2. Kc4 Kc6 3. Kd4 d6 (3... Kc7 4. Kxd3) 4. e6 d5 5. Ke5 1-0

Position 2
1. Ke4 Kh4 (1... Kh5 2. Kf5) 2. Kd5 Kh5 (2... Kg4 3. Ke5) 3. Kd6 Kg6 (3... Kh4
4. Ke7) (3... Kg4 4. Ke5) 4. Ke7 Kg7 5. f5 Kg8 6. f6 1-0

Position 3
1. Ka3 Kb6 2. Kb2 Ka5 3. Kb3 Kb6 4. Kc3 Ka5 5. Kd2 (5. Kd3 Kb4) 5... Ka4 6. Ke3
Ka3 (6... Kb4 7. Kd3) 7. Ke4 1-0

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