Thursday, 14 March 2013

Endgame Study : Cat N Mouse

Cat and Mouse in chess is very rich concept it is something in connection with torturing your opponent, in Jerry Silman words ' Do in ten what you can do in two' as your opponent has no choice or he is in helpless position. He covered same concept for above 2200 elo players. Well here, I will be covered the same concept under king and pawn endings in very simple terminology that you will never forget.

I explain my students this position as 'Tom and Jerry' so they can remember it for lifetime.

What exactly 'cat n mouse' (Tom n Jerry) position is?

It is like opposition, whoever has move, is having disadvantage. Check the above diagram; if it white to move, black is winning and if it is black to move, white is winning.

Can you bring 'Tom and Jerry' position by force ?
The answer is yes, you can. Look at the following diagram for better understanding.

if it is white to move white can force the same position by playing Ke7 (attacking d6 pawn) the only way to save the pawn is, Black has to play Kc5 and now white can force 'tom and jerry' position by playing Ke6 and putting black into zugzwang therefore after black's any move white win pawn easily and so can win the game.

Practical Implication of the theory

Example 1 : Game between Kjartansson (2320) vs Hardarson (2285)

Example 2 : I am able to find this from one of chess genius Emanuel Lasker.
Voigt Hermann G vs Lasker, Emanuel

Today we do not have any test position.

Solution for the test positions of pawn race (11th March 2013)

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Position 1
1. Kf5 (1. a6 h3 2. a7 Kg1 3. a8=Q h2) 1... h3 2. Kg4 (2. a6 Kg1) 2... Kg2 3.a6 h2 4. a7 h1=Q 5. a8=Q+ Kg1 6. Qa1+ Kg2 7. Qb2+ Kf1 (7... Kg1 8. Kg3) 8. Qc1+Kg2 9. Qd2+ Kf1 10. Qd1+ Kg2 11. Qe2+ Kg1 12. Kg3 1-0

Position 2
1. Kd5 h5 2. Ke4 (2. Ke5 Ke3) 2... Kf2 3. Kf4 Kg2 4. c5 (4. Kg5 Kg3 5. Kxh5 Kf4) 4... h4 5. c6 h3 6. c7 h2 7. c8=Q h1=Q 8. Qc2+ Kh3 9. Qd3+ Kg2 10. Qe2+ Kg1 (10... Kh3 11. Qg4+ Kh2 12. Qg3#) 11. Kg3 1-0

Position 3
1. Ke2 Kh2 2. b4 g5 3. b5 g4 4. b6 g3 5. b7 g2 6. b8=Q+ 1-0

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