Friday, 22 March 2013

Even Grandmaster Can Make Blunder

Blunder can be made by anyone even from current world No. 1 Carlsen Magnus. How can we avoid of making blunders? Previously a technique was recommended which was used by even at grandmaster level that is 'write down a planned move and take last look before making it.' But the same practice has been banned by FIDE in 2005 and US chess federation in 2007.I have search on Google and read some articles on avoiding blunders and found following ways which I am sharing with you.

  • Check the square twice (where you would like arrange your piece) before making move that are you giving something free directly? This is most common mistake in beginner level and sometimes amateur level.
  • Check Opponent last move carefully. All know but all forget even GM.
  • Set some trigger for example my trigger is ' Are my feet on the floor? Before making any move so when I do so I control myself from making fast moves. Very weird but effective for me (Given by my Mentor)

Now presenting our heroes' blunders

1. Mikhail Chigorin vs. Wilhelm Steinitz, World Championship 1892

2. Tigran Petrosian vs. David Bronstein, Candidates Tournament 1956

3. Miguel Najdorf vs. Bobby Fischer, Piatigorsky Cup 1966

4. Viktor Korchnoi vs. Anatoly Karpov, World Championship 1978

5. Magnus Carlsen vs. Levon Aronian, Grand Slam master's final 2012

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