Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Improving Chess Visualisation Skill

In Chess; I personally believe that positional thinking has upper hand over tactical blow however every chess player has came cross into situations where he or she has to calculate a lot over the chess board. In order to better calculation, board visualisation is a key skill where you must be capable of seeing the resulting position in your mind. Therefore, today I am going to share some advices on how to improve your visualisation skill, I gathered those by experience, reading books - articles and advice from GM.

  • My Mentor Nigel Davies had advised me to solve puzzle blind is a great tool to enhance your visualisation skill as well as tactical skill.
  • 'Guess the Move' software available free to download in which you can use any chess game in pgn format. This is recommended by Gm Nigel Davies on his website. Read article of GM Nigel on 'Guess the move' 
  • You can use fritz in order to enhance your visualisation skill by using its calculation and training features
  • There are some courses available in the market that claiming to improve your visualisation skills are...  chess Visualisation course by Gelvert Publishing LLC, Chess Master School’s main course in which you can find the method of improvising the same skill and chess maze 2 by NIC.
  • Chess tempo is a free website which provides visualisation training and tactics training.

To sum up all this stuff, I can say that to solve puzzle in mind is perhaps the best way to improve visualisation skill. You can start with simple check mates and stretch up to complex endgame.

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