Friday, 15 March 2013

Intermediate Moves

In Simple terminology 'Avoiding an obvious move or capture and  instead of that; interposing another move called intermediate move or in between move'. It is often seen that this move turns the table or change the outcome of the combination. It becomes very deadly when there is an intermediate check.

Now, we will study some examples from GM's game that will show us importance of intermediate moves.

Kasparov vs Shirov – White to Move

In this game between Kasparov and Shirov played in 2002, both players reached captioned position after 17th move. Here Shirov sacrificed the piece on 17.... Nxc5 with accepting 18. dxc5 ... Qxe5 19. Bd2 .... Qh2 but Kasparov ‘the genius’ came with a nice intermediate move 18 Bf6! (Some of expert says that 'Excellent solution of the problem of the black pieces springing to life. Kasparov will much prefer to enjoy great positional, rather than uncertain material, advantage.') 18.....Bf6 19. ef6...Ng8 and now 20.dxc5. If you are interested in whole game. It is given below.

Kasparov vs Alexy Dreev - 2004

See the above diagram. Black started counter play by playing 44.....c3 with a hope 45. bc3....Bb3 and draw but kasparov played an Important intermediate check 45. Nd3+ which turns the table. and kasparov went on win with following moves. 
44. Nd3+ Kb6 45. bxc3 Bb3 46. c4 Bxa4 47.Kd4 Bc2 48. c5+ Kc7 49. Bf3 Bb3 50. Be4 Ba4 51. Kc4 Bc2 52. Bf3 Ba4 53. Ne5 Kb754. Be4 Kc7 55. Nf3 Bd1 56. Nd4 Ba4 57. Bc2 Bxc2 58. Nxc2 Kd8 59. Nd4 1-0

Try to solve following positions with keep in mind the 'intermediate move' theme.

Anand vs Adams (White to Move)

Karmnik vs Aronian (White to Move)
In this game Black last move was ...bxc4 but after white's Intermediate move, Black resigned on the spot. Find the white's in between move

Evgney vs Peter Leko (White to Move)
What will you play as white?  Last move was Bxc6. as direct capturing on c6 would result into draw endgame. Instead of capturing on c6 Evgeny played another move and went on win.

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