Friday, 29 March 2013

Keep Chess As It Is; Passion or Interest Not Addiction

Normally I have heard many people saying that chess is their hobby or interest but after observing closely I can say that in most of the cases it is an addiction. 


The common cause behind it is too much fast/ blitz/bullet play, I am afraid that if same thing will be continue for longer period of time, classic chess will lose its thread. The same thing already happened in Cricket where now days one day cricket has taken place of Test cricket matches. It is in the interest of chess itself that we all pay some attention towards this critical thing in order to maintain original beauty of chess. You may like to hear and implement what your favourite chess players believe about fast chess.

"Like dogs who sniff each other when meeting, chess players have a ritual at first acquaintance: they sit down to play speed chess." – Anatoly Karpov

"Blitz chess kills your ideas." – Bobby Fischer

"To be honest, I consider [bullet chess] a bit moronic, and therefore I never play it." – Vladimir Kramnik

So I request you to stop playing blitz chess or at least reduce playing fast chess, for you and for the sake of chess.

Another reason is too much use of computer and analysis with computers. I observe that most of the amateurs are victims of this, too much computer analysis but getting nothing out of this therefore they are not able to concentrate on even on one thing and losing interest from the game. I strongly prefer that do not use computer for analysis but just get better player than you in order to analyse your game. First of all we do not have that level to understand computer moves, second thing computer is not able to explain you why the move has been played and last but not the least; computers cannot play strategically/Positional chess. In order to be better player of chess, it is must must to get some mastery level in positional chess.

By writing this article, I am appealing you to let the chess become your interest or passion not your addiction so to maintain the chess-game as it is.

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