Friday, 1 March 2013

Working on chess Improvement for chess amateur not for the expert

There are so many articles written on how to improve your chess, how to plan your study for improvement, you talk with your friend with about improvement then suddenly you know oh he is doing preparation from this and that book … you bought the same book but not improving as your friend. Did you notice ever where the problem lies is? Where you missed?

Question can be answered by a simple counter question. Did you stick to your plan for longer period of plan? Particularly the people to whom I know the answer is no. so execution are much more important than the planning. You must have faith in you. Chess is not the thing that you can learn in a year or two. Chess improvement is a continuous process.

In my opinion to improve at particular thing included chess following things are must.
  • You must be committed to work hard in organised way … I have so many chess books but how may have you finished yet?  Aha…
  • You must have Mentor or Master. In India we say ‘GURU VINA GYAN NAHI’ means there is no knowledge without Master/Mentor… I am not able to understand what should I do? 
  • You must have faith in you!!!
  • The most important is ‘Implement what you plan’ … I am too innovative and creative but…. Hope you understand.

Studying chess in organised way my blog will be helpful tool for you where I am giving daily basis study material which will be ultimately helpful to you in improvising your chess game.

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