Friday, 5 April 2013

Hurdles Between You and Chess Improvement

Recently I have wrote article on (GM Nigel Davies site) about Pressure & emotional instability which inspired me to write on other hurdles also which are between you and your chess improvement.

I was also victim of fear, while playing against higher rated player earlier I thought that if I could draw the game would be better for me but now I do not care. The reason of this change is change in my attitude. How you can change it? well first of all think positive, read good articles about positive attitude, read some inspirational books, worth to watch chess movie 'Knight of South Bronx' & so on. Remember that this all thing are not related to chess but those are having collateral effect in overall attitude. Remember that 'You will get what you think'

Emotional Instability
I have wrote detailed article on this at chessimprover which you can read. Some tips I would like to share with you in order to be emotionally stable. Yoga and Meditation are having great impacts on your emotional aspects. Try is as I did.

Expecting too much from you
It has been often seen among the amateurs (Including me) that we expect much from us. Like we study very hard for 6 month to 1 years and expecting very serious Elo jump. In reality we need years in order to be good players, In 'BHAGAVAD GITA' (Religious Book in Hinduism) It has been told that "Do your duty and Don't expect for results"

Unorganized preparation
Don't do unorganized preparation. Today you like one book or one coach and tomorrow different book or different coach... just don't do that. Search good mentor/chess coach and do what they say, walk on their plans as they are experienced and stronger than you in chess. I don't think that chess progress is possible without good coach; exceptions are always there.

Profound use of computers
I believe that too much use of computer in your preparation can be a reason in losing interest in chess. Analyse game your self and show then to stronger player than you, take their guidance  Prepare opening through studying games of chess legends not just few moves recommended by computers.

Ignoring Importance of end-game
Well known cause. We do not get king and pawn or rook endgame in our game so no need to study endgame (Amateurs and Beginners' words). Here you are mistaken as endgame is a tool on which you can play middle-game like ; exchanging pieces, launching attack, simplifying the position etc etc. If you learn endgame, you get to know importance of it.

Last but not the least 'Actions are much more Important than plans'. I hope you get my point.

Thanks for reading.

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