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Rubinstein Trap

The Rubinstein Trap is an opening trap which is named for one of the chess legend Akiba Rubinstein; not because he used it against his opponents but he fell twice into it. You can read more about Rubinstein from wikipedia pages.

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Book by Rubinstein

Books on Rubinstein

The Trap

It is a opening trap under 'Queen's Gambit Declined' exchange variation where white capture 'd5' pawn with knight on c3, in return if black black is very much greedy and captures knight then loses queen. If not, trap offers minimum a pawn.

Position after white's Nxd5 from the game between Max Euwe and Rubinstein.

See the diagram(^) exd5 can be punished by Bc7 (Winning Queen). Here are two games in which Rubinstein fell twice.

Game 1 - Max Euwe and Rubinstein
Game 2 - Alekhine and Rubinstein

Question to Rubinstein: "Who is your opponent tonight?" Answer: "Tonight I am playing against the black pieces."  -  Akiba Rubinstein

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